Local MP explains his job to 1st Rayleigh Scouts


Rayleigh and Wickford MP Mark Francois took an evening recently to visit the 1st Rayleigh Scout group, who are based just off London Road, when he responded to their invitation to visit them and to explain the roles and duties of a local MP.

Mark visited the group and spent an hour long session with them explaining about his job, the workings of Parliament and his duties in the constituency and he then answered a variety of questions ranging from how long he had been an MP and what brought him into politics to whether or not he had met HM The Queen.

The 1st Rayleigh Scouts are a well recruited scout group who have been active in the town for many years and provide opportunities for young people to develop both personally and as part of a wider team. Speaking about his visit to the Scouts, Mark Francois said:

"It was a pleasure to go and see 1st Rayleigh Scouts and to be quizzed by them about my job. They are a lively bunch and they asked some very good questions which I did my best to answer. We are lucky that we have a healthy scouting movement across the district and 1st Rayleigh are clearly a very vibrant part of that."

Anyone wishing to learn more about 1st Rayleigh Scouts or to join, should contact the following – cubs@1strayleigh.co.uk