MP tries out Top Gun Technology at Defence Exhibition

Rayleigh and Wickford MP and newly elected member of House of Commons Defence Committee (HCDC) Mark Francois took the opportunity to try out the latest technology designed to assist Britain’s “Top Gun” fighter pilots when he visited a Defence Exhibition recently.

The new fighter pilot’s helmet, called the “Striker II” is designed to improve the situational awareness in combat of the RAF’s Typhoon pilots. Using advanced computer symbology the helmet, which was designed by BAE Systems, helps to give our pilots a real time combat advantage over their potential adversaries.

Mark had an opportunity to try out the helmet during a visit to the Defence System Equipment International exhibition by the HCDC, where he was accompanied by the Committee Chairman Dr Julian Lewis MP.

Commenting on his experience Mark said:

“RAF fighter pilots are among the best in the world and this new technology will allow them to retain their edge going forward into the 21st Century. It was good to see the skill which British Industry has brought to bear in supporting our Armed Forces and it will be great when this new helmet is introduced into the RAF Typhoon fleet in the near future.”