MP supports campaign to ban electric shock collars

Rayleigh and Wickford MP Mark Francois has added his support to a Parliamentary campaign designed to ban the use of electric shock collars on dogs.

Mark added his name to a list of Members of Parliament who are campaigning for a ban, which is currently being considered by the Government as part of a review of the use of such devices. As part of the campaign, Mark attended a drop in session at Westminster with the Actor Peter Egan and TV presenter Victoria Sitwell.

Commenting on the campaign, Mark Francois said:

“I do not see why in the 21st century we need to use electric shock collars as a way of training animals. With modern training methods, it is possible to train animals to obey commands without the need to shock them if and when they don’t. I think this is an important animal welfare measure and I hope the Government will be prepared to support a ban in the near future.”