MP calls for Navy to establish War Reserve of Ships

Rayleigh and Wickford MP and newly elected member of the House of Commons Defence Committee, Mark Francois has called upon the Secretary of State for Defence, Sir Michael Fallon MP, to establish a war reserve of escort ships for the Royal Navy.

During a recent statement on the National Shipbuilding Strategy in the House of Commons, Mark asked the Secretary of State whether it would be possible to keep the Type 23 Frigates in a state of readiness as a war reserve, rather than selling the ships abroad or scrapping them.

Sir Michael Fallon congratulated Mark on his recent election to the Defence Select Committee and confirmed to the House that there were no current plans to sell the type 23 but stated that he would consider Mark’s proposal to create a Reserve fleet.

Commenting on the debate, Mark Francois said:

“I was pleased to hear that there were no plans by the MOD to sell off the Type 23s and the Secretary of State’s assurance that he would look into my proposal of creating a reserve force with the Type 23 Frigates. These ships would make a great addition to the Reserve fleet for the Royal Navy, and one that could be quickly mobilised; it would be a shame should they be either sold or scrapped instead.”