Mark talks Brexit with Boris

Rayleigh and Wickford MP and Communities Minister, Mark Francois, recently met up with Boris Johnson at the House of Commons where the two exchanged information about the Brexit campaign for Britain to leave the European Union.


Both Boris and Mark declared for the Leave campaign and Boris Johnson will no doubt be one of the most prominent advocates for the Leave proposition.  Boris explained some of his thinking in coming to a decision to support Leave, chiefly his concern at Britain’s loss of sovereignty, and also encouraged Mark to do his best to publicise and articulate the campaign.  Both men agreed to stay in touch as the Referendum approaches on the 23rd June.


Speaking about his discussions with Boris, Mark Francois said:


“Boris is a figure of national prominence and seems to be one of those politicians who can connect with the general public in the way that few others can.  I am delighted that after much consideration he decided to declare for the Vote Leave campaign and I am very pleased to have him on our side.  I do believe that Britain has a bright future outside of the European Union and I look forward to advocating that course along with Boris in the weeks and months ahead.”