Mark Francois helps welcome Royal Anglian Regiment to Westminster

Rayleigh MP Mark Francois helped welcome members of his old Regiment to Westminster when they paid a recent visit to brief MPs on military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mark served as an infantry officer in one of the territorial battalions of the Royal Anglian Regiment during the ‘Cold War’ and he joined with other MPs from across Essex and East Anglia to meet with service personnel.

The Royal Anglian Regiment is the local county regiment for Essex and the other counties of East Anglia. Soldiers of the first Battalion (nicknamed the Vikings) recently served a tour of duty in Afghanistan while those from the second Battalion (nicknamed the Poachers) have just returned from the City of Basra in Iraq.

Speaking about the Royal Anglian’s visit, Rayleigh MP Mark Francois said:

“I greatly enjoyed meeting some members of my old Regiment and talking about their recent experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq. Many of my fellow MPs were impressed by the quality of the briefing we received from the regiment and by the obvious professionalism of our servicemen whilst serving their country aboard.”