Dr Michael Clark helps celebrate 25th anniversary of the Rayleigh Conservative's Supper Club.

The Rayleigh Conservative Association welcomed back their previous MP, Dr Michael Clark, when he was guest of honour at a special meal to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their Supper Club.

The monthly dinning club, which normally meets at Saxon Hall near Rochford, was originally founded back in 1984 by Dr Clark and his wife Valerie, to help bring together members of the Association of a Constituency which is over twenty miles from one end to the other. The Club has since flourished and there was a healthy turnout, including Michael’s former friends and association members.

During his speech, which was introduced by neighbouring MP David Amess, Dr Clark talked about some of his experiences over 18 years as the local MP but he also raised a number of contemporary issues, including the spread of political correctness, the Government’s weak record on immigration and the need to address the “West Lothian Question” whereby Scottish MPs can vote on legislation affecting England but English MPs are limited on what they can vote on in Scotland.

Commenting on the evening, current Rayleigh MP Mark Francois said:

“It was a great pleasure to see Mike and Val back in Essex and particularly to see them looking so well. We all had a very enjoyable celebration and Michael and Val clearly enjoyed seeing some old friends after so many years.”